"It's amazing how Rebecca found this all out. To see a photograph of my father...I just can't believe it"

George (London)

Remarkably, it turned out that George’s paternal family had been living in his own hometown in Scotland since 1821! His mother’s family ventured much further afield however – George’s great grandparents lived in Bengal in the 1860s, where his great grandfather was serving with the Highlanders. I uncovered a military heritage on both sides of the family, as records showed that George’s father served as an Army Medic during the First World War. I was delighted to share with George (pictured here) some exciting discoveries - a photo of his father in uniform, alongside a collection of wartime letters. The letters recall fond and funny memories of George’s father. They were written by George’s uncle, who tragically did not survive the war.

Family History

"Rebecca did an absolutely amazing job uncovering details about my maternal grandmother's line. I was blown away by the detail - photos of where she grew up, passenger records of her mother's trips to the UK to visit her, details about what my great-great grandparents did for a living and where they lived.


I can't recommend Rebecca's service enough. If, like me, you've been meaning to look into your family history for years  but just haven't found the time - this is the very best option as it's a personal service and Rebecca is happy to answer any  questions you might have, and in the event of you having family in parts of the world where English isn't widely spoken (like mine), she'll recommend people to speak to in those countries so the search can continue. I can't thank Rebecca enough!"

Mel (London)

Joyce approached me as she was keen to find out about her mother’s past, which had been something of a family mystery. While investigating Joyce’s Scottish roots, I came across her maternal second cousin, who had family photos and letters that Joyce never knew existed. In 2017 I helped Joyce make contact with this newly discovered branch of her family. 

"An absolutely first-class service. Without Rebecca’s help, I would never have found my cousin in Australia. We now have a wonderful relationship. I would thoroughly recommend”

Joyce (Kent) 

​"Sending a massive thank-you! Rebecca did an amazing job of researching my family tree - the information and level of detail she gathered was staggering and something we'd never have been able to do ourselves. Her experience and expertise really shone through and she really brought our family story to life. Rebecca was an absolute pleasure to deal with and the service was very prompt. We would absolutely recommend her services to anyone who's ever wanted to trace their family history."

Natalie (London)

"My mother wanted  to find out more information about her brother who died as a young airman during World War Two. She had tried in the past but had not managed to get very far. Armed with just his service number Rebecca was able to fill in the gaps, and came up with some fascinating details about his life as a young airman. Her report was a great comfort to my mother who had always wanted to know about his final flight and the circumstances surrounding it. I can wholeheartedly recommend her services."


Simon (Kent)


“I’ve always wanted to know more about my mysterious New Zealander grandfather who died long before I was born but I never expected Find Your Family Story to uncover this amount of fascinating information about his life and family history. Meticulous research, detail, depth and wonderful presentation.”

Leo (London)

"We had a lot of unanswered questions through family rumours and finally found the truth behind the mysteries. Thank you for not giving up, even with the third most common name in the UK. Thorough search and highly professional and full reports of findings and where to go next. Five Stars.... more if it were possible!"

Emma (Southampton)

 "I wanted to ask one question about my family history. I didn’t know if anything would be found and have been delighted with the information that this service has unearthed. The service is very efficient and much more than a list of dates/places. It is an excellent value service and I have no trouble in recommending it to anyone wanting to know more about their ancestors and family story."

Lesley (Kent)

Debbie was intrigued by her father’s Royal Navy service records and asked for my help decoding them. A fascinating picture emerged of her father’s service as a submarine radar operator during the Second World War, and his time spent on destroyer ships during little-known post-war operations.

“Thank you so much. The difference between the efforts of a professional,

compared with those of an amateur, is so clearly highlighted by all you’ve found out”

Debbie (Gateshead)

"Rebecca offered wonderful advice on how best to proceed. She then carried out her research meticulously and provided an excellent report on what she had discovered. I can't thank her enough for bringing to my attention fascinating facts that add to the story I had been trying to look into myself. It really does pay to draw on Rebecca's insights, experience and expertise. 100% commendation."

Bruce (Lincoln)

Jerry was intrigued to know more about his paternal grandmother and where she came from. His Family Story revealed a long line of Geordie ancestors.

"My grandmother's Family Story was really fascinating to read. It was great to find out so much we didn't know about our ancestors. The story also helped us all to understand the events in our grandmother's life that had formed her character. It was also a real bonus being able to share the story with different relatives electronically - now some of my cousins are planning to have other lines in the family investigated."

Jerry (Newcastle)


“Thanks again for a really impressive piece of work which has so exceeded my expectations – bloody fantastico!"

Paul (London)

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