Find Your Family Story: Terms of Service

Engagement Terms:

  • Once the client contacts Find Your Family Story, the project will be agreed on. Once the Research Service commission or Your Family Story has been agreed on, a phone or email consultation will take place. During this consultation, the necessary family history information will be shared by the client. Find Your Family Story will then confirm the project with the client via email.

  • If the client purchases a Gift Certificate, Find Your Family Story will ask the client for the recipient’s name in order to create an (optional) personalised digital Gift Certificate (PDF format). The client is responsible for sending the digital Gift Certificate to the recipient. To use the Gift Certificate, the recipient will need to contact Find Your Family Story via the email address provided on the Gift Certificate. If the recipient would prefer their initial contact with Find Your Family Story to be via phone, this can be arranged via the client. At the point at which Find Your Family Story receives contact from the recipient, Find Your Family Story will treat them as the client and communicate with them solely. 

  • Gift Certificates must be redeemed within 3 months of purchase.

  • It is the responsibility of the client to ensure any information provided to assist the research is correct.

Payment Terms:

  • Once the project has been agreed with the client, Find Your Family Story will invoice the client via email. Payment of the invoice is required in full for Research Service commissions or a 'One Grandparent's Line' Story before the agreed project commences. For a 'Two/Three/Four Grandparents' Lines' Story, the client can pay in instalments (two instalments for two grandparents and so on). Payment of each instalment is required in full before each Story commences. Payment can be made via bank transfer or Paypal.

  • The cost of Your Family Story or Research Service commission includes time for the research, analysis and reporting of information by Find Your Family Story on behalf of the client.

  • In some cases it may be necessary for Find Your Family Story to order birth, marriage or death certificate from the General Register Office, in order to progress with the client’s research. The cost of certificates is not covered in the Story Packages or in the Research Service hourly rate. If it is necessary to order any certificates, clients will be informed in advance and can decide how to proceed. The General Register Office charges £11 + postage per certificate. Find Your Family Story will request payment from the client to cover these additional costs incurred by certificate orders. Please see the FAQs for examples of when certificate ordering may be necessary.


Research Terms:

  • Find Your Family Story is committed to providing the best possible report for its clients. Every effort will be made to research each Story Package or Research Service Commission to the fullest extent reasonably possible, utilising all resources reasonably available to Find Your Family Story. However, clients should note that a positive result cannot be guaranteed. Sometimes a genealogical record simply has not survived the passage of time, and it is therefore not possible to trace an individual or family line as far back as expected.

  • Find Your Family Story will report the findings of all the completed research. If any research avenues are unsuccessful an explanation will be provided.