Find Your Family Story Private Notice (2020)

This page explains how uses information you provide, and the ways in which your privacy is protected in accordance with data protection laws.

What information is collected and how is it used?

When you send an enquiry, I will collect your name and email address for the purpose of processing your enquiry.

When you purchase Your Family Story or a Research Service commission, I will use your email address and phone number if provided for the purpose of communicating with you about the commissioned work. I will ask for your postal address for invoicing purposes.

I will also collect from you family history information that I require to carry out the commissioned research. This will include your parents’ and grandparents’ names and birth dates, and other known details that you wish to share, such as their place of birth and dates of marriage and death. I will only use this information for the purpose of completing your family history research.

If you purchase Your Family Story or a Research Service commission as a gift for a friend or relative, I will ask you for the recipient’s name in order to create a personalised Gift Certificate for you to send to them (the personalisation of the certificate is optional, you can request a standard certificate instead). The Gift Certificate will clearly state my email address, which the recipient will need to use to contact me to use their gift. At the point in which I receive an email from the recipient, they will become the individual that I communicate with, and I will retain their email address for the purposes of carrying out the commissioned research. If the recipient would prefer their initial contact with me to be via phone, I will give my contact details to the gift-purchaser so that this can be arranged.   

I will collect and retain details of payments you make to Find Your Family Story for tax purposes, as legally required by HMRC.

Lawful Basis for Processing

The lawful basis for processing the personal data you provide is that it is necessary to fulfil the contract we begin when you commission research which Find Your Family Story agrees to undertake.

Data sharing

When you book Your Family Story or a Research Service commission, the resulting research is only shared with you, unless you request otherwise.


I will not share your private information with anyone without your consent. I may request your permission to share a piece of information that you have given me if this is necessary for the research. For example, if you have told me your Great Grandmother’s name, and I believe that an Archive may have information about her in one of their Collections, I would check that you are happy for me to tell the Archivist your Great Grandmother’s name before requesting a search of their Collection. Please note that many of the records pertaining to your ancestors that I will be using are held in the public domain.


I will not search for living relatives unless this is something you have asked me to do via the Research Service. If you have commissioned a search for a living relative, I will use public records (such as electoral registers and birth, marriage and death records) in order to trace their contact details. I will therefore be able to share these findings with you as they are public domain. I will not use the information found in these public records to contact your living relatives, unless this is something you specifically request me to do on your behalf.

I may occasionally ask a client for permission to share a testimonial from them and/or an example from the research I did for them on my website and/or social media channels for marketing purposes. If the client agrees to this, I will not use their surname or identifying details on my website or social media channels.

Data retention

If you would like me to delete the research I have carried out for Your Family Story/a Research Service commission once I have sent it to you, please contact me and ask me to do so. Otherwise I will archive the research files for as long as I am able to. This will enable me to pick up the work from where I left off seamlessly, should you wish to commission more research at a future date.

Data storage and protection

All the information you provide to me and the research I generate for you will be stored on a secure digital drive under password protection.



During the course of my research for Your Family Story, or a Research Service commission, I will use historical sources and may use historical photos and book extracts. I will send you copies of these sources, photos, and extracts, with reference to the archive collection they came from. I do not hold the copyright for these sources, photos or extracts. Therefore Your Family Story/Research Service commissions are to be enjoyed for personal use only and not to be reproduced. To reproduce Your Family Story/Research Service commissions for commercial purposes, you would be responsible for seeking permission for a specified purpose from each copyright holder for each source, photo or extract.


External links may contain links to other websites, and adverts from the website host Wix. This privacy policy applies only to I do not endorse or take responsibility for the content or information contained within any linked website.


Managing your information

You are entitled to ask me what personal information I hold about you. You can ask me to update, correct or delete this information, and I will be happy to do so, providing that this does not contravene my legal obligation to keep account records for HMRC. Once you have withdrawn your consent, I will no longer process your personal information, unless I have another legitimate basis for doing so under the terms of our engagement (for example if I am awaiting the payment of an invoice).

To contact me to update, correct or delete your information, or for any queries about this privacy policy, please email: