Your Family Story will trace your ancestors’ footsteps through two centuries of ground-breaking history. You will uncover your family’s journey through the 20th century as social reforms swept the country. Women’s suffrage was won, the welfare state was born, and society was transformed by two World Wars. You will then discover your roots in the revolutionary Victorian era, where industry and poverty flourished alike. Cities boomed as farmhands flocked to factories, while trade and tyranny swelled the Empire.

The fascinating details of your ancestors’ lives during these eras will be revealed through census records, newspapers, photo collections, parish registers, trade directories, passenger lists, maps, prison registers, poor law records, the 1939 register and more. These original genealogical sources, combined with meticulous historical research, will uncover not only who your ancestors were, but how they lived, and the events that shaped their lives. Your Family Story will include:

  • YOUR FAMILY sTORY: A narrative report, combining genealogical detective work with in-depth historical analysis, to reveal the story of your family from your grandparents’ generation back to the start of the Victorian era.

  • HISTORICAL SOURCES: You will receive copies of the fascinating sources used to research your family, revealing how they were traced through the historical records.


  • YOUR FAMILY TREE: Your family history at a glance, showing each generation from 1841 to the present day.

You will receive the above in a beautifully presented and illustrated digital report, which can be easily shared with loved ones. Physical presentation books can also be arranged.​ 

For each grandparent’s line, you will receive their family tree showing all direct ancestors back to at least 1841, and the in-depth story of up to 15 of their ancestors.


Unlike many other family history researchers, I do not limit the research to just one surname. This method excludes women from your family history by just tracing the male surname back. Instead I trace each grandparent's direct ancestry through all surnames to at least 1841. This ensures that no women are written out of your history - you will receive the complete story of your family.

For example, this family tree illustrates the 15 ancestors one client discovered when they booked One Grandparent's story, in this case their paternal grandmother. Their Family Story was a 75 page illustrated narrative. The Story concluded with their earliest Victorian ancestors, their great great great grandparents, who were born in the 1820s.


A Family Story is an ideal gift for history-lovers, story-tellers and mystery-hunters alike. Request a personalised Gift Certificate to let them know that they will soon be discovering their own thrilling Family Story.


  • Two Grandparents' Lines: £860 (includes £40 discount)

  • Three Grandparents' Lines: £1290 (includes £60 discount)

  • Four Grandparents' Lines: £1720 (includes £80 discount) 



Once you have booked, or been gifted, Your Family Story, we will have a consultation over the phone or by email. To get started I will need some basic information about your family - such as the names of your grandparents, and where they might have lived. Any other information you have, such as dates of births or family rumours you would like to investigate, would also be great to know. If you have any copies of family papers or have done some of your own research, it would be really helpful to see this too. Don't worry if you have very little information about your family, that’s not a problem!

See the FAQs for more information, or contact me to book Your Family Story